How to Determine Your Ring Size

The the most accurate way to determine your ring size is to be professionally measured by a jeweler.

However, there are also several at-home sizing tools and tips to help find your ring size.


The most common "right hand" rings sizes for women are size 6, 7 and 8.

For men, the most common sizes are 10, 10.5 and 11.

The most common children's ring size is 4 (ages 7-10) and size 5 for teens.

Usually, a finger on a dominant hand is a half to a whole size large than the same finger on the non-dominant hand.

For example: If right-handed person wears a size 7 on their right ring finger, it is quite common for someone to wear, for example, a size 6 on the other.

Chains & Necklaces

Spring ring clasps are a lightweight type of closure and great for keeping both weight and cost down (on solid gold chains especially). Most people find that lobster claw closures are much easier to close but with it may come a higher price tag in gold due to the heavier weight. 

The most common casual chain style for pendants is a cable chain which are lighter in weight, versatile and easiest to repair. 

Box and snake chains both provide a more smooth surface area to shine giving off a fancier, more evening-like look.

Rope and Spiga (wheat) chains are made with more links that are woven tighter together and are a great choice for heavier pendants. 

Chains under 1 millimeter (mm) in thickness are great for small pendants but may not hold up as well with larger pendants. We recommend chains that are at least 1.00mm but no more than 1.30mm in width for the best match.

Pendants that are over 38mm/1.5" in length typically match best with chains that are over 1.3mm in width. You will want to obtain the measurements of the bail of the pendant you are purchasing to make sure it will slide onto the end of the chain you choose, otherwise a jeweler may need to assemble it for you.

Chain lengths may vary greatly depending on the wearer's build & stature. The most common and average women's chain length is 16 to 20 inches long, with 18" being the most popular and standard length.

The most common and average chain length for men is 20 to 24 inches long.

Children tend to wear lengths from 14 to 16 inches long. 

Common Earring Sizes

simple studs


cleaning & care

• Remove your jewelry before vigorous activities.

• Every day household items can ruin your gemstone jewelry. Make sure you don’t expose your gems to the chemicals in cleaning products, hair care products, fragrances and cosmetics.

• Store your jewelry in a cloth-lined box or anti-tarnish pouch and keep them away from other jewelry, which might scratch them.

• Fine jewelry intended for daily wear should be inspected annually by a professional jeweler. 

• Jewelry can be easily cleaned using ordinary mild dish detergent and a soft brush.

• To remove heavy tarnish, a cleaner designed for the appropriate metal materials and stones can be used such as: