Quartz is a versatile mineral that appears in a wide range of colors and forms. It can be transparent or opaque, and its varieties include clear quartz (colorless), amethyst (purple), green (prasiolite), citrine (yellow to orange), rose quartz (pink), smoky quartz (brown to black), and milky quartz (white). Its appearance can vary from transparent crystals to cloudy or translucent stones, often displaying a glass-like luste

Physical and Emotional Balance:  Quartz is believed to promote physical balance by enhancing energy, clarity, and vitality. Emotionally, it is thought to amplify positive emotions, alleviate negativity, and foster inner peace and harmony.

Mohs Hardness: 7


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Sterling Silver 2-Stone Genuine Heart Gemstone Filigree Rings
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Sterling Silver
AquamarineGarnetSapphireAmethystPeridotSmoky QuartzBlue Topaz+ 4 more
Sterling Silver Gemstone Heart and Diamond Rings
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AmethystGreen QuartzSmoky Quartz
Sterling Silver Gemstone And Diamond Cat Pendants
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AmethystBlue TopazSmoky QuartzCitrinePeridotGarnet+ 3 more
Sterling Silver 5 Stone Oval Genuine Gemstone Rings
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AquamarineGarnetAmethystPeridotGreen QuartzSapphireSmoky Quartz+ 4 more
Sterling Silver Gemstone & White Topaz Hinged Earrings
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GarnetAmethystCitrineSmoky QuartzBlue Topaz+ 2 more
Sterling Silver Cushion 6mm Gemstone & Diamond Halo Post Earrings
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AmethystCitrineGarnetPeridotGreen QuartzBlue TopazSmoky Quartz+ 4 more
Sterling Silver Cushion Cut Gemstone Earrings
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AmethystGarnetOnyxPeridotSky Blue TopazSmoky TopazCitrineLondon Blue Topaz+ 5 more
5mm6mm7mm8mm+ 1 more
14k Gold Cushion Cut 6mm Genuine Gemstone Earrings
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14k White Gold14k Yellow Gold
AmethystSapphireEmeraldOnyxCitrineLondon Blue TopazGarnetPeridotSky Blue TopazSmoky Quartz+ 7 more
Sterling Silver Round 8mm Gemstone & White Topaz Pendants
$ 69.00
Sterling Silver
Blue TopazGarnetAmethystGreen QuartzCitrineSmoky Quartz+ 3 more
Sterling Silver Oval Gemstone and White Topaz Pendants
$ 95.00
Sterling Silver
GarnetAmethystBlue TopazGreen QuartzCitrine+ 2 more
Sterling Silver 3-Stone Gemstone & Diamond Rings
From $ 29.00
Sterling Silver
Blue TopazGarnetAmethystAquamarineCitrineGreen QuartzSmoky QuartzSapphirePeridot+ 6 more
Sterling Silver Genuine 10x8mm Oval Gemstone & Diamond Rings
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Sterling Silver
AmethystCitrineGarnetSmoky Quartz+ 1 more
Sterling Silver Gemstone and White Topaz Swirl Rings
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AmethystGarnetBlue TopazSmoky QuartzCitrineGreen Quartz+ 3 more
Sterling Silver Oval Gemstone Infinity Link Design Bracelets
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Blue TopazGarnetAmethystCitrinePeridotSmoky Quartz+ 3 more