June Birthstones

Alexandrite, Moonstone & Pearl

June's birthstones, Alexandrite, Moonstone, and Pearl, each carry unique beauty and rich symbolism, making them treasured gems for those born in this month.

Alexandrite is one of the most fascinating and rare gemstones in the world and is famed for its remarkable color-changing ability. Under daylight, it appears green or bluish-green, while under incandescent light, it transforms to a purplish-red hue. Beyond its stunning appearance, Alexandrite is associated with good omens and good luck, symbolizing fortune, prosperity, and joy.

Moonstone is another captivating birthstone for June, renowned for its ethereal, glowing appearance. This gem belongs to the feldspar family and exhibits a unique optical effect called adularescence, which creates a soft, billowy light reminiscent of moonlight.

Prized for their natural beauty, pearls have been cherished since ancient times. They are often associated with purity, innocence, and sophistication. Pearls symbolize success, happiness, and love, making them a favored choice for bridal jewelry and special occasions.

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