Sparkle & Jade Gentle Jewelry Cleaner 4oz Jar

$ 8.00


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  • 4oz Jar
  • Contains Jewelry Dipping Basket and Brush
  • Subtle Gardenia Scent
  • Surfactant-based formula
  • Ideal for pearls, opals and more
  • Designed for delicate pieces
  • Made in the USA

This cleaner is specially formulated to clean all types of jewelry such as Gold, Sterling Silver, Fashion Jewelry and more. 

This ammonia-free cleaner can be safely used on porous stones, soft stones, enamel and treated gemstones to keep jewelry sparkling like new. 

Directions: Immerse jewelry in cleanser for 2 minutes using provided tray within the jar. Rinse carefully and blot dry. To clean strands such as pearls, dampen cloth with solution and wipe clean.


Common Applications:
Pearls, Fashion Jewelry, Beaded or Strung Jewelry, Sterling Silver with designer antiquing
Best Used On:
All Pieces. Safe for Fine Jewelry, PLUS Sterling Silver (with designer antiquing or set with gemstones), Fashion Jewelry, Amber, Cameo, Coral, Emerald, Ivory, Lapiz Lazuli, Opal, Pearls (Cultured & Freshwater), Tanzanite, Turquoise