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Sterling Silver BFlower™ CZ Symbolic Dangle Earrings - Various Colors

$ 56.00

The perfect gift for the special little girl in your life. Each pair of hoop earrings come with a matching gift  box.

Color Symbolism

Purple - Dream
Purple symbolizes the dream. Never forget that a dream is the foundation of every great achievement. Be creative and never stop dreaming!

White - Confidence
White symbolizes purity. It invites us to be ourselves and is the basis of self-confidence. Be yourself and believe in you!

Blue - Action
Blue symbolizes the importance of action. It gives us strength to dare and to move forward. Be active because every little step will bring you closer to your dream!

Rose - Optimism
Rose symbolizes optimism. It gives hope and encourages us to believe in our destiny, that everything happens for a reason. Be positive and see life in pink!

Fuchsia - Perseverance
Fuchsia symbolizes courage. It gives strength to persevere through trials and follow our passions. Be persistent and reach your dreams!

Stone dimensions: 5 x 5mm


Weight: 1.52 DWT (2.36 grams)
Length: 19 mm
Width: 6.8 mm



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