Groove Life Spartan Race Sprint Red Silicone ORIGINAL

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  • Groove Ring Sizing


    Purchasing a ring online is typically a challenge but not anymore.  Our super handy measurement sheet below is a sure fire way to get an accurately sized ring the first time. If after you size your finger and still don't get the right size, not to worry.  We have an easy exchange policy to ensure a perfect fit.  Click on the picture below to download and print.  IMPORTANT: Groove is designed to be worn snug to your finger. Even if you know your size please re-measure.  

    Desktop Computer (need a printer)

    Mobile Phone (need a ring)



    Important:  For silicone ring sizing accuracy page MUST be printed @ 100% on your printer settings

    Note: GROOVE silicone rings breathe and are design to be worn snugly on your finger. If you are a half size we recommend sizing down.


    • Cut a small piece of string, thread or ribbon from a spool.
    • Wrap it snugly around your finger for an accurate measurement
    • Overlay your string measurement on the “Paper Test” strip.
    • Tip: Be careful not to wrap the string too tight. Aim for a comfortable, snug fit.
    • Tip: For the most accuracy, have someone help you measure.
    • Double check for accuracy.


    • Print the file at the top of this page and carefully cut out our paper silicone ring sizer shown below
    • Create a slit by making a small cut on the line labeled “Your Size”.
    • Slip the pointed end through the slit creating a circle.
    • MEASURE: Place around your finger and pull the pointed end to create a snug fit.
    • DETERMINE: The number line located at the “Your Size” slit, is the proper ring size.
    • Tip: Be careful not to wrap the paper to tight. Aim for a comfortable, snug fit.
    • Tip: For the most accuracy, have someone help you measure.
    • Check: Double check for accuracy.

    silicone ring sizer


    • Print our chart of ring size circles.
    • Find a ring that you or your loved one currently wears.
    • Make sure he or she wears that ring on the finger you are shopping for.
    • MEASURE: Place the ring on top of each circle until you find the perfect match.
    • DETERMINE: The match should perfectly fit the inside of the ring.
    • CHECK: Double check for accuracy.

    And that's it!  You should have the perfect fit for your new Groove Ring!  Remember if your ring doesn't fit correctly after receiving it we will replace it for free.  

buying & sizing guide


  • Breathable Design
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Medical Grade Silicone
  • Width: 8mm or 5/16" + -
  • Thickness: 2mm or 3/32" + -
  • Officially Licensed Spartan Race Logo
    • Brand: Groove Ring


The Spartan Race is the ultimate challenge, for both the team and the individual. What better way to represent your commitment to excellence than with an Official Spartan Groove ring? Engraved with the official race logo and available in Sprint Red, Super Blue and Beast Green , it’s a must-have for all race participants or fans of Spartan.

NO BS Unlimited Warranty on Groove Rings.

Break it, stretch it, lose it or aren't satisfied in any way and we have you covered.




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